We are a non-profit foundation -created by the Ibáñez Atkinson family-, dedicated to generating opportunities that allow people to access and experience culture, as well as value and protect their environment. Our passion for music, reading and the environment moves us to build a better Chile.

Our mission

Prepare and promote cultural and environmental development projects in the country with special emphasis on the integral development of young people through music, reading and conservation programs.

Our vision

Build a more cultured and sustainable Chile for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our values


Felipe Ibáñez Scott, Tomás Ibáñez Atkinson, Sebastián Ibáñez Atkinson, Antonia Ibáñez Atkinson, Roberto Ibáñez Atkinson, Heather Atkinson Young.


Felipe Ibáñez Scott


Heather Atkinson Young


Antonia Ibáñez Atkinson


Tomás Ibáñez Atkinson


Sebastián Ibáñez Atkinson


Roberto Ibáñez Atkinson


Carlos Lobos Mosqueira



Daniela de Valle González

General Manager

Antonia Ibáñez Atkinson

Environment Manager

Andrés Rodríguez Spoerer

Music Manager

Paula Sousa Silva

Education Coordinator

Eduardo Aninat

Environment Coordinator

Omar Davidson Toro

Huiscapi Coordinator

Emilia Castillo Ureta

Music Manager Educa

Mariana Karachov Beraja

Music Manager Educa

María Jesús Aguirre E.

Head of Educational Projects, Environment Area

Tamara Arce Canales

In charge of the Company Awareness Project, Environment Area

Lorena Lira Ugarte

Reading Manager Educa, Huiscapi

Consuelo Altamirano Quezada

Sports Manager Educa, Huiscapi

Margarita Castillo Vicuña

Manager I'm an Entrepreneur, Huiscapi

María Pía Guzmán

Management assistant

A human team that believes in opportunities and the integral development of people.