We are convinced that to protect our environment, everything starts with creating awareness and then being able to take concrete actions that allow us to deliver a sustainable planet for future generations. For this reason, all our environmental work is based on two approaches: educating from childhood and conserving ecosystems. Learn about our programs here.


What moves us

Our programs

Planeta Ahora

Planeta Ahora is a program born in 2021 that seeks to contribute to preserving the planet for future generations through environmental conservation and regeneration initiatives that, in turn, promote the growth and development of the country in a sustainable manner. Currently, Planeta Ahora is searching for environmental solutions for the central zone of Chile considered one of the 35 biodiversity hotspots on the planet, under the innovative methodology of “Nature-based solutions ”, which are focused on the restoration and conservation of ecosystems and facing major climate threats.

Naturaleza Educa

The Natura Educa program seeks to strengthen teaching and generation of environmental awareness from an early age, providing teacher training tools, providing didactic resources that facilitate learning, holding workshops and activities in the field and in contact with nature, and promoting professional training opportunities with focus on these issues.

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Other areas of action


Through heritage projects, we seek to recover and enhance the value of the Chiloé churches, a unique example of religious architecture in Latin America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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We promote learning and the promotion of reading in children from infancy up to eighth grade throughout the country, as we consider it a key tool for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of people.

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Educational family

Because we believe in the irreplaceable power of education as a pillar of development, all of our work areas have educational programs focused on children, youth and adults.