PLT teacher training program

This program provides training opportunities for teachers, providing them with tools and didactic materials so that they can incorporate environmental content in the different subjects of the school curriculum. These instances are accompanied by the advice of highly qualified exhibitors, along with the materials and methodology provided by the international Project Learning Tree program, with which the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation maintains an alliance.

Naturaleza Educa Outdoors

This program, implemented in the educational communities of the Huiscapi (Araucanía Region) and Batuco (Metropolitan Region) wetlands, is inserted in the school curriculum, providing tools to teachers to promote the learning of these ecosystems, creating awareness of their importance and protection, and develop field activities for the knowledge and protection of wetlands. These instances are carried out in association with the Kennedy Foundation and The Nature Conservancy.

Alliance with UC for Local Development

Since 2019, the Ibáñez Atkinson Foundation, in agreement with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, aims to jointly promote education for the sustainable development of the country. As part of this alliance, the Foundation participates in the training courses that are given in the Villarrica Campus of the university, through its UC Center for Local Development.

Other areas of action


We promote learning and the promotion of reading in children from infancy up to eighth grade throughout the country, as we consider it a key tool for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of people.

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We promote learning and approach to music from childhood; and we support artists so that they can continue to improve themselves, develop their talent and connect with the international industry.

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Educational family

Because we believe in the irreplaceable power of education as a pillar of development, all of our work areas have educational programs focused on children, youth and adults.