Música Educa Trainings

Through workshops and trainings aimed at teachers from different regions of Chile and Latin America, this continuous training space seeks to develop, strengthen and update the knowledge and training skills of music teachers, kindergarten educators and elementary school teachers. Likewise, seek to create a community that enriches itself through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

These instances are carried out by leading national and international experts, and include courses on transversal themes such as song, folklore, creation and adaptation of repertoire, among other subjects; in addition to training activities in musical methodologies such as Dalcroze, Orff and Kodály. In this last methodology we have a special teacher training plan under the direction of the American teacher, Lydia Mills. The training includes four levels that are carried out in the modality of an intensive summer course where the subjects of folk music, pedagogy, practice, choir and music theory are addressed, following the standards required by the Kodály training programs at an international level.

Música Educa Advisory

Through accompaniment in the curricular and methodological area, we offer content consulting, support course planning and contribute tools for classroom management, among other actions, to various schools in the Metropolitan Region and other regions of Chile.

In each establishment we support music teachers by giving them access to our library of pedagogical and didactic resources, which includes the sequential and integrated curriculum of the renowned US Education Through Music program, in its version adapted to the Chilean curriculum. This promotes the subject of music as a fundamental subject, which when working in an interdisciplinary way favors learning in other areas.The counseling is complemented through scholarships for participation in our trainings and access to educational concerts for the school community.

Other areas of action


We work with students, teachers and companies developing environmental education and conservation programs because we are convinced that to effectively protect the planet, everything begins with awareness.

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We promote learning and the promotion of reading in children from infancy up to eighth grade throughout the country, as we consider it a key tool for the cognitive and socio-emotional development of people.

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Educational family

Because we believe in the irreplaceable power of education as a pillar of development, all of our work areas have educational programs focused on children, youth and adults.